Why use Swiffy?

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Swiffy removes stubborn stains like Grease, Oil, Rust, Tar, Pet Stains plus anything you can eat or drink!
Swiffy contains no acids, chorides, peroxides or the like!
Swiffy is gentle on the skin and the environment.


Our Guarantee!


If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of Swiffy,
you may send it to the address
stated above.  Your money will be refunded minus the shipping and handling.

You have nothing to
lose but your stains.
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Household Cleaner

Use it Around the House

Removes stains on fabrics around the house such as - carpet, upholstery, drapes, even car interiors.

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Hand Cleaner

100% Safe on Hands

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Jewelry Cleaner

Gold and Diamonds

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Tips and Tricks

What does Swiffy remove??!





Hair Dye on White Dress Pants

On 23rd June 2007

My daughter works at a beauty salon and one day the beautician next to her dropped a bottle of hair coloring and it splashed all over...

Spilled Nail Polish on Carpet and Wall

On 3rd August 2009

My daughter was putting fingernail polish on her toenails.  She was
sitting on the bed and spilled the polish on the carpeted floor and wall...



Swiffy users tell us about their stains

His hot tar stain + her white blouse = Unhappy couple

I was a hot tar roofer. My clothes were stained and dirty from the tar. After washing, my jeans went into the dryer and the tar on my jeans would melt and stick to the inside of the dryer. When my wife dried her blouses and underwear and the tar stained her clothes. We tried everything to get the tar out, even sending the blouses to the dry-cleaners, but with no success. I thought nothing would work if the dry-cleaners could not remove the stains. We found Swiffy Spot Remover at the Minnesota State Fair and bought a tube from the happy Minnesota Moms that were selling it at the Grandstand. We tried it. WOW it worked!

I spilled orange soda on my silk wedding shoes.

It was the night before my wedding. My family was gathered around visiting and having a good time. One of the kids spilled orange pop on my brand-new wedding shoes. The shoes were decorated with pearls and sequins on top. The orange pop ran down between the pearls and stained the fabric underneath. What would I do??? One of my relatives had a tube of Swiffy. We made a solution of Swiffy and vinegar, put it in a spray bottle and sprayed the shoes. The pop disappeared just like magic. My wedding day was saved!

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