F.A.Q.'s Frequently Asked Questions About Swiffy


Swiffy has a Money Back Guarantee! You have nothing to loose but your stains!! Give it a try!!

If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of Swiffy, you may send it to the address stated above.
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Download to PRINT OUT the directions here.

**Just remember: If you do not know if your fabric is colorfast - do a color test.
Neither the manufacturer nor the distributor, Swiffy Spot Remover, shall be held liable for damage or injury to fabric due to the incorrect use of this product.


Fabrics are colorfast if they retain their color when washing. For example, when you wash a red shirt and it turns the water pink, the color has faded and it is NOT colorfast. All natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton, linen, ramie, rayon and wools are NOT colorfast. Fabrics made from a synthetic fibers, like polyester, nylon and blended fabrics, are colorfast and do not change the color of the water when washed. When natural fabrics are blended with a synthetic one, such as polyester and cotton, it becomes colorfast. Swiffy works on any white fabric, as it does not have color in it. Learn to read labels on all garment before using Swiffy.


DIRECTIONS FOR A COLOR TEST: First, read your garment labels (sometimes it will say “colorfast.”) If it does not, do a color test. Select a hidden place on your garment, such as inside the hem or seam. You can also even cut a few fibers away and put them in a cup. Moisten the area with warm/hot water, apply a small amount of Swiffy and rub. Wait ten minutes, wash out and let the fabric dry. If fabric remains the same, the fabric is colorfast.



Mix up a bottle of the Swiffy Pre-Wash. The directions say to use a 4-inch stream of Swiffy in a spray bottle with one pint of water. If your fabric is not colorfast, you can mix it with only a 2-inch stream of Swiffy – making it weaker, yet still strong enough to take the stain out. REMOVES STAINS FROM DIFFERENT FABRICS. Swiffy not only removes stains from clothing, but also from carpeting, upholstered couches and chairs, drapes, car interiors, wallpaper and even shoes and purses. It works on clothes that should be dry cleaned. Just use distilled water so you don’t get hard water stains. DO A COLOR TEST FIRST!