What Swiffy users tell us about their stains:


Hot Tar

I was a hot tar roofer. My clothes were stained and dirty from the tar. After washing, my jeans went into the dryer and the tar on my jeans would melt and stick to the inside of the dryer. When my wife dried her blouses and underwear and the tar stained her clothes. We tried everything to get the tar out, even sending the blouses to the dry-cleaners, but with no success. We found Swiffy Spot Remover at the Minnesota State Fair and bought a tube from an old German man. We tried it. WOW it worked! I told my wife, “We could sell this.” The rest is history.

Swiffy removes orange soda off wedding shoesOrange Soda

It was the night before my wedding.  My family was gathered around visiting and having a good time.  One of the kids spilled orange pop on my brand-new wedding shoes.  The shoes were decorated with pearls and sequins on top.  The orange pop ran down between the pearls and stained the fabric underneath.  What would I do??? One of my relatives had a tube of Swiffy.  We made a solution of Swiffy and vinegar, put it in a spray bottle and sprayed the shoes. The pop disappeared just like magic. My wedding day was saved.


I was washing my Spring/Fall coat and took it out of the washer but did not want to put it in the dryer. I hung it over a metal folding chair to dry. The next day I checked on it and there were rust stains all over the back of my coat. This was a colorfast raincoat and I used Swiffy and white vinegar and removed all the rust. It was a very nice coat and still wear the coat.

Black Shoe Polish

One day I decided to polish my black dress shoes. I did it in the carpeted dining room area and forgot to put paper on the floor. As a result, I got black shoe polish on our beige carpet. It was in a very conspicuous spot. My wife had gone shopping and would be very upset when she got home. What would I do??? I remembered she had some Swiffy spot remover. I found it but had never used it before. I read the directions and decided this was definitely a stubborn stain. I followed the directions and used white vinegar and Swiffy. To my amazement, the stain came out. I rinsed the area and dried it with a towel. When she came home a few hours later, she smelled the vinegar. I told her I was washing windows with water and white vinegar. Swiffy saved our marriage and she never new about the shoe polish on the carpet.

Swiffy removes fingernail polish stainsNail Polish

My daughter was putting fingernail polish on her toenails. She was sitting on the bed and spilled the polish on the carpeted floor and wall. She screamed and I thought someone had been badly hurt. I ran to her room and saw fingernail polish all over the carpet and some on the wall. I thought we would have to buy new carpet. I used Swiffy Spot Remover and fingernail polish remover. I got a washrag wet with the polish remover and put a dab of Swiffy and rubbed the spots. To my surprise it worked. All the polish came out, even the spots on the wall. I was so happy and we didn’t have to buy new carpet. (I used the regular fingernail polish remover, NOT the “non-acetone” type.)


One day my husband was involved in a car accident. His head hit the windshield and he dripped blood all over a dress shirt. He was taken to the hospital and it wasn’t until the next day that I was able to see the shirt. I washed it with cold water and got some of the blood out. I thought the shirt was ruined. I had a tube of Swiffy in the house and thought, “What have I got to lose.” So I decided to try it. The instructions said to use white vinegar for tough stains. I mixed up some Swiffy and vinegar, put it in an ice cream bucket with the shirt, put the lid on and let it soak. To my amazement all the blood came out and he still wears this dress shirt to this day.

Hair Dye

My daughter works at a beauty salon and one day the beautician next to her dropped a bottle of hair coloring and it splashed all over. Some of it got on my daughter’s white dress slacks. She came home saying she could never wear these new slacks again. I used bleach but nothing happened. I had some Swiffy and had used it before, but never tried it on hair dye. I mixed up some Swiffy and white vinegar, covered it to keep it wet and let it soak overnight. The next day the hair day was gone. A few days later, she wore the slacks to work and bragged about her mom getting the stain out. All the beauticians at her salon wanted a tube and we made sure they got one.Swiffy removes ball point ink stains

Ball Point Ink

My husband wears dress shirts for work and is always forgetting to retract the point on his ink pens. He comes home with ball point ink stains on his shirts. I just use my Swiffy and get it soaked with rubbing alcohol, cover it so it won’t evaporate, (either with a plastic bag or plastic refrigerator container) and let it soak. I usually have to rub and rinse what’s loosened up with warm water and then let it soak. It all comes out. I’ve saved many shirts and lots of money this way.

Color Crayons

It was a hot summer day and I was going for a ride with my son. We have a 4-door sedan and he was sitting in the back seat coloring some pictures. When we arrived at our destination, he put the box of color crayons on the shelf in the back window. They were there all day. When we returned, all the colors had melted and run all over. I remembered we had Swiffy and when we got home I found my tube. I got a saucer and made a solution of white vinegar and Swiffy. I used a toothbrush and scrubbed the entire area. I rinsed it with clear water and it looked just fine when I finished.